Piermont Marsh Shoreline Stabilization Project

Since July 2022, HRNERR and several partners have been implementing a pilot shoreline stabilization project at Piermont Marsh to help to protect against marsh loss and bolster the resilience of the village.

Eel Monitoring Slips Over NY/NJ Border

Since 2008, thousands of New Yorkers have helped catch, count, and release more than one million juvenile eels. Now thanks to a collaboration between the Hudson River and the Jacques Cousteau Reserves, citizens of New Jersey can join the fun.

Hudson River Aquatic Invasive Species Task Force

From the National Estuarine Research Reserve Association (NERRA): The Hudson River Aquatic Invasive Species Task Force aims to bring state, nonprofit, and community partners together to coordinate invasive species monitoring and control across the Hudson River and its tributaries. Through improved communication and collaboration, partners can make sure that their resources are being used efficiently to monitor and manage sites that have been prioritized because of the particular habitat and species there.