Hudson River Aquatic Invasive Species Task Force

From the National Estuarine Research Reserve Association (NERRA): The Hudson River Aquatic Invasive Species Task Force aims to bring state, nonprofit, and community partners together to coordinate invasive species monitoring and control across the Hudson River and its tributaries. Through improved communication and collaboration, partners can make sure that their resources are being used efficiently to monitor and manage sites that have been prioritized because of the particular habitat and species there.

Health, Resilience and Stewardship in the Hudson River: Responding to Climate Emergencies

From the Environmental Monitor, a FONDRIEST publication for environmental professionals: The Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve (HRNERR) is dedicated to improving the health and resilience of the Hudson River Estuary through integrated education, training, restoration, monitoring, and research programs that foster stewardship of the world’s resources. Through the research reserve’s System-Wide Monitoring Program (SWMP) and local actions like the Hudson River Estuary Action Agenda, the HRNERR is committed to putting federal funding, science and tools toward benefitting Hudson River communities and natural resources.

Summer Science for Everybody

Summer Science for Everybody

From the National Estuarine Research Reserve Association (NERRA): The Institute Discovering Environmental Scientists (TIDES) program is a fully supported research opportunity that makes it possible for high school and college students and high school teachers of all economic backgrounds to participate. “The program makes up for any lost income from summer jobs and also offers transportation,” says Maija Niemisto, education specialist at the Hudson River Estuary Program.