The Institute Discovering Environmental Scientists


The Institute Discovering Environmental Scientists (TIDES) is a paid summer field research and laboratory science experience where High School and College students conduct field research projects along the banks of the Hudson River and in local streams. Student researchers work with educators and scientists to formulate scientific questions, gather field data, and conduct much of their own analysis. Student research groups present their findings to the community. Local public school teachers participate in mentorship roles and as professional development opportunities to learn skills and concepts transferable to their classrooms, and become familiar with environmental science opportunities for future students.


  • Introduce or deepen the experience of students with their local waterways.
  • Provide Hudson Valley high school and college students with paid field research experience.
  • Include students from traditionally underrepresented communities in ongoing research projects lead by HRNERR and NYSDEC scientists.
  • Build long-term relationships with students early in their career paths.

Student Experiences

Watch the video to hear what the students have to say about their experience with TIDES, and check out some of their research posters: