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Habirshaw Park at Beczak Environmental Center


An eroding shoreline impacted by human use, currents, waves, and ice was reconstructed to include vegetation, varied slopes and sinuous soft shoreline features. This engineered shoreline protects and improves shoreline habitat and accommodates a boat launch and other recreational activities.

Lessons Learned

  • The impact of wave energy, boat wake energy, ice energy, and other causes of erosion should be accounted for in the planning process.
  • An isolated small natural site acts as a magnet for wildlife, including potentially destructive overuse by Canada geese.
  • Boulders in a sill can get dislodged by wave energy and ice. The site should be monitored frequently and managed as needed for this issue, especially after storms and harsh winters.
  • Strategic volunteer engagement can reduce maintenance costs.
  • Consistent debris removal helps vegetation thrive.
  • Sites that are completely submerged during major storm events tend to sustain less damage, indicating that impacts of debris and ice may be more damaging than wave energy.