Dockside Park


The shoreline of a riverside park in the Village of Cold Spring with picturesque views of the Hudson Highlands will be engineered and improved to provide ecological, recreational, and floodplain benefits. It will contain design elements that account for sea level rise and more frequent storm events.

The sustainable shoreline at Dockside Park is currently under construction as of May 2022. We anticipate project completion in the summer or autumn of 2022. 

Lessons Learned

  • Woody debris and wrack will often accumulate along shorelines. Although some consider this material unsightly, it provides food and habitat for many species of wildlife.
  • It is important to consider sea level rise scenarios and plan for long-term river access when designing projects on the Hudson River.
  • There was debate during the design process about whether to entirely clear the site of vegetation and “start over” using native species, or alternatively, to retain some of the existing non-native species, which are stabilizing the shoreline. Ultimately the decision was made to remove invasive plants and entirely replant the site with native species.