Coxsackie Boat Launch


A shoreline in bordering a boat launch and community space in the Village of Coxsackie was re-designed to mitigate erosion while maintaining public access. 

Lessons Learned

  •  Ease of permitting should be considered when designing project components.

  • Strategic involvement of volunteers in the restoration process can provide opportunities for outreach about protecting local shoreline resources.

  • Restoration sites with fully-developed root systems are much more likely to survive major storms.
  • It takes time for plants to become established, and temporary protection such as fencing or wave-breaking structures may be needed for long-term success.
  •  The impact of ice damage and debris washed up during storm events should be accounted for in project design. 
  • The flat slopes and terraces utilized at the site may have helped to limit damage due to floating debris during major storm events.