Students and Youth

Explore the river through videos and activities or join one of our in-person programs collecting real data on water, habitats, fish, birds, and the mysterious and magnificent American eel! (Did you know? Since 2008, thousands of student scientists have helped us catch, study, and release over one million American eels.)

For more information on the Hudson River, check out our Hudson River Curriculum Guide. Please visit the DEC’s calendar of events for more programming.

Are you an undergraduate or graduate student looking for a research or fellowship opportunity? Get more information here.

Day in the Life of Hudson and Harbor

Join over 5,000 students and teachers who convene on the banks of the Hudson each year for a community education science event like no other. Work with your peers to collect real data taking the “pulse of the Hudson” from New York Harbor to the Troy Dam.

In 2020, we couldn’t safely promote a large number of field trips so we worked with over thirty partner organizations to create student-friendly river science videos for you to follow along with at home, exploring with data collection sheets and a deeper dive with a guest scientist in each video.

Virtual River

Through our Virtual River program, we post new content every week covering everything weird and wonderful about the Hudson River, from critters to watersheds to to tides and estuaries. You can even connect directly with our educators to ask questions.

Check out all the videos available on Youtube.

Data Lessons

Do you like solving puzzles? What about puzzles based on real data collected on the Hudson River? Build up your science skills by interpreting real science based in your backyard, covering topics like water levels, dissolved oxygen, salinity, and weather data.


Eel Monitoring

Every year, juvenile American Eels travel over 1,000 miles up to the tributaries of the Hudson River to grow up. And every Spring, students and volunteers put on their waders and hop in the river with us to count, weigh, and release those eels to help us understand their populations.

This project is a chance to get involved directly with real science in the river, helping researchers collect important data about these migratory fish.

Conservationist for Kids

Conservationist for Kids is a nature and environment magazine for kids in New York State. Each issue is jam-packed with great facts about topics in your own backyard. Discover the critters that live in and along the Hudson River, or find out how you can help stop plastic pollution.

Conservationist for Kids is written for fourth-grade curriculum standards.

Hudson River Almanac

Are you curious about all the weird and wonderful things that can be found in and along the Hudson River? This weekly newsletter by the Hudson River Estuary Program compiles observations of natural happenings along the river, from eagle hatchlings to seals to fish to coyotes and black bears! Also, explore the natural history of the river with interesting findings dating back to pre-colonial times.

The Institute Discovering Environmental Scientists (TIDES)

TIDES is a paid summer field research and laboratory science experience where High School and College students conduct field research projects along the banks of the Hudson River and in local streams.